Lawrence Phelps & Associates, A Corporation for Organbuilding

Lawrence Phelps and Associates

The firm of Lawrence Phelps and Associates built pipe organs under the direction of Lawrence Phelps (1923-1999) in Erie, Pennsylvania. The company actively built organs from 1973 through 1981. This site is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Mr. Phelps' ideals in organ building and to highlight those instruments built by his own firm.

Who was Lawrence Phelps? Perhaps the best way is to read how friends reflect on his life and the impact he had on them.

We've added “Pipe Organs 105: What is 'Organ Music'” as an introductory article to the music of the organ. This is written in the same question and answer style as “Pipe Organs 101”, which provides a basic explanation of what a pipe organ is and how it works.

Please follow the links above to find out more information on the instruments themselves, recordings that are available, articles written by Lawrence Phelps, information about his wife, Dame Gillian Weir, and other related information. We hope the site is useful to you whether you are a student, organist, or organ enthusiast!

(ed. note- This site was assembled and is maintained by Steve Thomas, a former employee. I recently set out to put into words my story of what I learned working at Lawrence Phelps and Associates.)