The Phelps Archive at Colorado State University

Many documents and drawings representing the work of Lawrence Phelps are now archived at the Morgan Library of Colorado State University. A trip to the library there will allow students of organ building to find detailed information of Phelps' work.

Outline for Phelps Archive Finders Guide

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Content and Scope
    1. Collection at CSU
    2. Thanks to Gill, Dave, Joe, Jim, Steve
  4. Biography
  5. Inventory File Categories for the Phelps Archives
    1. AR 1-4 Articles and Papers. Works by Lawrence I. Phelps including manuscripts, revisions, and published documents
    2. RA-1 Translations by Phelps of foreign works
    3. C 1 - 3. Personal Correspondence of Lawrence Phelps
    4. OD 1 - 13. Files pertaining to organ design and building. Divided into 4 categories including: Phelps and Associates General (1, 2, 3, 4), Casavant (5, 6, 7), First Church Christian Scientist (Mother Church) (8), Allen Organs (9, 10), and Phelps & Associates Specific Organ Installations (11 - 13). Also includes drawings and boxes of O-flats (1, 2) and packets of individual stop drawings ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
    5. AV 1 Tape recordings of Phelps interviews
    6. ISO Correspondence files pertaining to the ISO
    7. Misc. Categories including CSU honorary doctoral diploma, non-categorized notes and drawings

Details of Phelps Archive

Inventory File Categories for the Phelps Archives

V. A. AR 1-4 Articles and Papers

V. B. RA - 1 Translations of other's work

V. C. C1 Personal Correspondence

V. D. Miscellaneous Files OD 1

V. D. OD 2 St. Louis, 1st Church Christian Scientist (3 files)

V. D. OD 3 Phelps Assoc. Files

V. D. OD 4 Misc. Books, Journals

V. D. OD 5 Casavant Files

V. D. OD 6 Casavant Installations - Survey List, Feb. 92

V. D. OD 7

V. D. OD 8 Mother Church

V. D. OD 9 Allen Organ

V. D. OD 10 Allen Organ



Miscellaneous Drawings

O-flats 1

O-flats 2

Individual Stop Drawings

Packet 1

Packet 2

Packet 3

Packet 4

Packet 5


ISO Files